Denmark to America

Our name is inspired by the emigrant ship that brought

our farming ancestors to America. 

Our wine is inspired by the blessing of sharing a bottle with family & friends.



Hans Jacob Jeppesen was born on January 21, 1864 in Faaborg, Denmark. He was 21 years old when he traveled to America from Denmark on the Norwegian vessel, SS Moravia, departing from the port of Hamburg, Germany on March 17th, 1885. 

He arrived in the port of New York on April 2, 1885.


Hans, along with many other Danish emigrants, settled first in Fredericksburg Nebraska. Within a few years Hans spotted Nicoline (Lena) Jepsen, the daughter of Rev Soren Jepsen and wife Marianne, grandparents of Howard Hammond, patriarch of Hammond Family Vineyards. The two were married on August 22, 1889. Lena's parents relocated to the small community of Easton, California when Soren was called as the second pastor of the Easton Lutheran Church in 1890. Hans and Lena followed Lena's parents to Easton. 

They had 9 children, including daughter Eda, Howard’s mother. 

Hammond Family Vineyards

Hans bought a farm on Sumner and Cedar Ave in the late 1890’s, and raised Muscat grapes, thus beginning a heritage of family farming. Daughter Eda married Arthur Fredrick Hammond on November 29, 1919. Howard, Art and Eda’s only child, was born September 2, 1926. 

Howard grew up on his parent’s 20 acre farm in Caruthers. Based on their shared vision to continue the Hammond Family farming tradition, Howard and Barbara, his wife and partner of 70 years, have through their tireless efforts, sacrifice and dedication, made this dream a reality. Today, together with son Rich, grandson Trent, and daughter-in-law Wendi, they continue our family's farming heritage on the 400 acre Hammond Family Vineyards located in west Fresno near Biola. Grandson Nick, having also farmed this land with his family, now lives and works in the wine industry in Napa, California. 

Pictured left is The Little Mermaid, of Hans Christian Andersen fame has watched over the Copenhagen harbor since 1913.  

She reminds us of our Danish heritage.

The Hammonds

Front row: Grand kids and great grands - Nick (Napa), Trent, Jax (age 5), Patrick & Michael Sheck (Los Angeles)

Second row: The Hammond kids - Rich (son), Barbara & Howard, Nanci Sheck (daughter, Los Angeles)

Back row:  The in-laws - Wendi (Rich's wife), Joey Sheck (Nanci's husband), Jamie (Trent's wife), Charlee (age 1 - hiding)